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129 € s kupónom na 10 kg Creality Hyper-PLA Filament z EU skladu GEEKBUYING

10kg Creality Hyper-PLA Filament – (1kg Black +1kg Red+1kg Peachy-Pink + 1kg Gray + 1kg Yellow + 1kg Orange + 1kg Brown + 1kg Skin Color + 1kg Green + Strawberry Red)

10 kg Creality Hyper-PLA vlákno
€129 €199

Hlavné vlastnosti série Creality Hyper PLA

Creality Hyper Series PLA Filament delivers an ultra-high speed of 10x faster than regular PLA while maintaining precision and strength. With uniform wire diameter for stable extrusion and eco-friendly packaging, the hyper series is highly compatible with Creality’s 3D Printers and perfect for prototyping, figurines, machine parts, and mass production.

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